Please Send a Letter to Our DE Senators Asking them to Put a Stop to the Mismanagement of Taxpayer Dollars

PLEASE help me get this bill passed. I need the public to help. Please take the time to click on the link below to send a letter to all Delaware Senators about the misuse of your tax dollars. The Auditor of Accounts has released investigative reports showing that our tax dollars are being mismanaged by some charter school leaders. The state has no financial oversight over charter schools, they do with our public schools but not charters. This letter is already completed you just need to fill in a few lines. It will take 30 seconds. PLEASE GET YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO SEND AS WELL.

This is not about charters vs public schools. This is about stopping the stealing and mismanagement of the charter school funds, making sure the money stays at the school helping teachers and students and not in ending up in someone’s wallet.

Click here to send a letter to the Senate.

2 thoughts on “Please Send a Letter to Our DE Senators Asking them to Put a Stop to the Mismanagement of Taxpayer Dollars

  1. Susan Rawstrom

    The fact that adminstrators are using state money for their personal life is ridiculous. There should not necessarily need to be a law to enforce this; it should already be the job of the Auditor. These are state funds and it is the Auditor’s job to account for them. We should not be treating them like a seperate state agency. State funds are state funds, period. Administrators with honesty and integrity need to be hired so this does not happen repeatedly. It makes me wonder if these schools are necessary in the first place.


    1. Kim Williams - State Representative 19th District Post author

      Hi Susan thank you for your comments. In order for the Auditor to have any authority it has to be given under Title 29 – Chapter 29 in Delaware code; public schools are in Title 29 but charter schools are not. Not only are these people misspending and stealing our tax dollars; they are requiring the state to spend additional tax dollars on the auditor’s investigations and the Attorney Generals office investigations once they are discovered or someone has reported some type of fraud has taken place. Some legislators would prefer not to have the State Auditor perform the audits but to continue to let the charters do what they have been doing for the last years auditing their own books. I know there are charter schools who are doing a good job but they all still need to have their audits done through the Auditor’s office.



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