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The Lack of Transportation for Choice Students Limits Many of Our Students From Actually Applying for School Choice, Agree?


The lack of transportation for students does stop families from applying to schools through our state’s school choice program. School choice was suppose to give ALL families more choices and opportunities to attend schools in our state outside of their feeder school. With the way the system is setup only certain families can take advantage of choice. If Delaware is going to write laws to give all families more choice opportunities, then Delaware should provide transportation so all families can take advantage of school choice.

Delaware and Consultants, Over Half a Billion Dollars has been Spent on Consultants in the Last Five Years

'This is pretty good to prevent your money from slipping through your fingers!'

‘This is pretty good to prevent your money from slipping through your fingers!’

Delaware has spent over the last 5 years $640,730,221 on consultants. I am sure some of them are worthwhile and I am sure some are not. A large amount of consultants were contracted in education, health and social services and transportation. Education and healthcare are one of our most expensive ticket items in Dover.

  • FY 2016 1,520 payments $13,554,397.49 (Periods 1 and 2)
  • FY 2015 14,573 payments¬†$111,720,958.43
  • FY 2014 16,307 payments $119,309,174.68
  • FY 2013 16,822 payments $127,061,222.95
  • FY 2012 15,578 payments $138,288,534.23
  • FY 2011 13,650 payments $130,795,936.69