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Education Funding Improvement Commission, Are the Recommendations in Place Already?

Senate Joint Resolution Number 4 created the Education Funding Improvement Commission to review and make recommendations to modernize and improve Delaware’s System for Funding Public Education. The chair of this commission is former State Representative Scott from Dover. My impression from working with him on the House Education Committee, he is a big supporter of a weighted funding formula.  I do not support removing the unit count; I support enhancing it by adding a weighted funding formula, like the state does for Special Education.

Note: The state does not fund Basic Special Education kindergarten through 3rd grades. I filed House Bill 30 last year, it is currently in House Appropriations Committee, this would add Basic Special Education funding for kindergarten through 3rd grades.

After attending the meeting this week, I got the impression that the recommendations may already be developed, I could be wrong. I think we are heading down a dangerous road if the unit count is removed completely. Just because something has been in place for many years does not always mean it is a bad thing. Lets see if this commission and WEIC Funding Student Success Committee agree on each others recommendations.

Click here to read Senate Joint Resolution #4. You can read more about the commission by clicking here.

The commission is suppose to make recommendations regarding the following:

(1) Transitioning to a student-focused funding system and weighting funding based on demographic characteristics of students.

(2) Introducing more flexibility for the state, districts, and schools to raise and spend resources more effectively for their students.

(3) Improving the way revenues are collected and allocated for education throughout the State.

The Commission may also consider the following topics:

(1) The amount of funding necessary to prepare a student to be successful.

(2) More effective uses of current funding sources.

(3) Those groups of students that would benefit the most from receiving additional funding, such as low-income students, high-need students, rural students, and English language learners, and the amount of resources or nature of support that those groups would need to be successful.

(4) Adequacy of resources available for students with special needs.

(5) Whether additional resources are needed to better serve students who are homeless, have behavior challenges, or are adjudicated delinquent.

(6) Whether, and how, different types of funding should be allocated, including operational funds, capital funds, and grants.

(6) Ways to provide more flexibility for schools and districts to use funding to best serve student needs.

(7) Current and future system resource constraints and demographic trends.

SJR 4 Education Funding Improvement Commission (EFIC)

SJR 4 – The first Education Funding Improvement Commission meeting will take place on Monday, November 2, 2015 from 3:00 until 5:00 in the Tatnall Building Conference Room in Dover.  I heard that former Rep. Darryl Scott will be chairing this committee.

SJR #4 – Education Funding Improvement Commission – Update

Appointments from the House and Senate were completed in August and September.


View the entire bill, click here – SJR #4.

While Delaware is deeply committed to preparing every child to reach his or her full potential and succeed in the new economy, the State will not be able to build a world-class education system for its children without modernizing the 70-year-old education funding system. This Joint Resolution establishes the Education Funding Improvement Commission to conduct a comprehensive review of Delaware’s public education funding system and make recommendations to modernize and strengthen the system. The Commission will include stakeholders from across the education system and will submit a report and recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly no later than March 31, 2016.

Membership Information 

Membership: Appointing Authority:
Chair Governor
Two Senate Members (1 from each caucus) President Pro Tempore
Two House Members (1 from each caucus) Speaker of House
Controller General
Secretary of Education
Director of Office of Management and Budget
President of Delaware State Board of Education
President of Delaware State Education Assoc.
One parent Delaware Parent Teaacher Assoc.
One superintendent President of the Chief School Officers Assoc.
One superintendent Vocational Technical District President of Chief School Officers Assoc.
One traditional public school administrator employed at a school with high population of at-risk students. Delaware Assoc. of School Administrators
One charter school leader employed at school with a high population of at-risk students Delaware Charter Schools Network
One local school board member Delaware School Board Assoc.
Council Chair of Governor’s Advisory Council for Exceptional Citizens
One business representative Governor
One member of community organization serving student in poverty Governor
One member of community organization serving students learning English.

Appointee Information 

Appointee: Appointed by: Appointment Date:
Rep. Earl Jaques Speaker of House 08/12/2015
Rep. Ruth Briggs Speaker of House 08/12/2015
Sen. David Sokola President Pro Tempore 09/15/2015
Sen. F. Gary Simpson President Pro Tempore 09/15/2015

Minutes, Reports & Information