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Some Examples of Why House Bill 130 is Necessary

In August, Governor Markell vetoed a bill that I sponsored, House Bill 130. These two articles really show why House Bill 130 is necessary.

A Michigan Doctor faces prison time for trading drugs for sex and Doctor’s license pulled for sex with patients

This just absolutely makes me sick what this doctor did to these two women. The doctor prescribed highly addictive drugs to at least two of his patients, there could be more victims. Once the women became dependent on the drugs, he demanded sex and money in exchange for new prescriptions. Not only were these women raped by this doctor now they are addicted to drugs.

In the other article, the doctor admitted to sexual encounters with three different patients he treated, with a resident he supervised and with an office assistant who worked for him. He further admits that his sexual behaviors persisted even after he knew he was under investigation by the Board.

The Medical Board of Ohio has suspended the license of Dr. Johnson for an indefinite period of no less than two years. The Medical Board of Ohio should be revoking his license forever.

I am still baffled as to why the Governor vetoed House Bill 130. I did forward a letter to him in response to his veto statement, I will share the letter in another post.