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Has Anyone Heard of a Fitness Gram?

My kids all through elementary, middle and high school did something called a Fitness Gram. I believe it was through a grant. The state required this to be done. A report was supposed to be issued to the parents about their child’s fitness, the state was to provide the report. We only received one report from the state, that was it, after all the years of assessing one report.

The state added another assessment and teachers and kids did their part but the state never followed up with a continuous report. In my opinion, it was a waste of the students and teachers time. The teacher was required to test each child individually, on multiple items, which meant all elementary students sat there and had to watch which meant no PE for a few days. In elementary school, most elementary students only receive PE once a week, so how is sitting on the floor watching kids being assessed and not exercising helping anyone? PE teachers had to input all this data. One PE teacher in an elementary school with 600 kids, testing every student individually and then inputting all the data plus all their other responsibilities; I say just another useless assessment put upon our students and teachers.