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Your School Property Taxes Help Fund Charter Schools, See the Reports Showing How the Taxes Have Been Misspent and Stolen -Auditor of Accounts Investigative Reports

Charter schools are funded through our property taxes and the state. The Auditor of Accounts reports that are shown below, shows how our tax dollars were mismanaged or stolen for personal purchases. Go to the 2nd page in each document and you can read what the Auditor of Accounts found with each investigation. Please sign a letter to all Delaware Senators asking them to support House Bill 186, Charter Audit bill instead of Sen. Sokola’s bill which does nothing to protect your tax dollars. There are charter schools that do a great job managing our tax dollars, my bill will just have all charter schools audits done through the Auditor of Accounts Office like all our public schools districts do.



Delaware College Prep and Family Foundations Charter Schools Legal Fees are More than Some School Districts

Delaware College Prep and Family Foundations legal fees are enormous. In 2015, Delaware College Prep had legal fees totaling $224,367.23 with enrollment of 203 students. Family Foundations legal fees totaled $328,493.07 with an enrollment of 811 students. Appoquinimink School District legal fees totaled $195,043.27 and their total enrollment is 9,877.

graph 1