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Delaware Votechs Spend More Per Pupil Than Any Other District In the State

Per Student Spending lowest to highest

With all the funding conversations that are taking place throughout the state, I have been looking through the data that is provided on DOE’s School Profile page.

New Castle County Votech, PolyTech, and Sussex Tech per pupil spending is higher than the other 16 school districts in Delaware.

How can we have public schools in the same county with different per pupil spending, how is this equitable? Votechs are not required to go to referendum, the General Assembly passes a bill to increase spending in the Votechs. The most recent bill that was passed by the General Assembly was House Bill 100, increasing the tax rate for Sussex Tech.

One example: New Castle County Votech’s 2016 Revenue Budget $74,705,189 with 4,629 students. Red Clay School District 2016 Revenue Budget $196,603,609 with 16,302 students (these numbers do not include Red Clay charter school students or the $9,662,194 charter payment).


Another example is Sussex Tech and Delmar School District; both are located in Sussex County. Sussex Tech per pupil spending is over $5,000 higher than Delmar.