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Delaware Campaign Finance Glitch

I wanted to get my campaign finance report completed as early as possible, the deadline is January 20, 2016. I had many issues during the 2014 election with filing the 8 day and 30 day reports. The state switched over to a new system and there was an issue with it. The system carried over all primary contributions into the general election which made it appear that a candidate was over their legal allowed amount of $600.00 even though they were not. The Department of Elections had to go into my account and manually fix my reports. I was told it was a glitch and this is what happens with a new system.

So 1 1/2 years later, I went to file my campaign finance report and all the general election contributions from 2014 have carried over into the new election cycle. The new election cycle started January 1, 2015. At this point, it appears, because of the issue, that someone may have contributed to your campaign for this election cycle but in reality they did not. Our total cumulative amount for certain contributors is incorrect and this needs to be addressed. I have reported the issue to the Department of Elections and they are working on it. I wanted to let all candidates know that this is an issue.