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Florida charter school had warning signs before teachers were fired, resigned

When charters open, we need to make sure we have the necessary oversight so these types of things do not happen. We need strong, qualified educational leaders in place before a school is approved. Again, the only ones who suffer when there is mismanagement, no oversight or qualified leaders are the students.

Broward County school board member Laurie Rich Levinson voiced frustration about the situation at the school, saying the board has received complaints and been to the school, which she said has had three principals already this year. But she said that because of a lack of regulation coming from Tallahassee, there is little the board can do about the problems. She said without a record of performance failures, which can take two years to establish, the school board’s hands are tied unless there is a health or safety risk.

“Everything is a free-for-all basically,” Levinson said. “And the sad part is we’re going to find this generation of kids, many of them, who are not educated properly in these schools.

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