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A Parent’s Question, What Did Smarter Balanced Scores Tell Us?


I received this question from a parent and I am not sure how to answer it. My husband and I opted out our son from the 11th grade Smarter Balanced test, I have not even seen what the Smarter Balanced scores look like that were sent home to the parents/guardians.

The parent asked, can anyone tell me how the Smarter Balanced scores will help my child improve over the next school year?

Things Might Be Different for 11th Graders Next Year When It Comes to Our State Assessment

The 11th grade state assessment may not be Smarter Balanced Assessment; it looks like the state may be going with the SAT reported at the Accountability Framework Working Group meeting on Monday. I thought our Delaware colleges agreed to using Smarter Balanced as a way to measure college readiness and would be accepting it in lieu of a separate placement test.