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Kevin Ohlandt: The Death of a Beloved Teacher in Delaware, a Hero Teacher

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Kevin Ohlandt, the author of the blog Exceptional Delaware, here pays tribute to teacher Laurie Howard and names her as the Hero of the Year for her exceptional dedication to teaching and students. Laurie Howard recently died of lung cancer, far too young.

She fought corporate reform, against great odds.

Kevin writes:

I’ve known Laurie for almost three years. I met her through this blog. A teacher in Caesar Rodney School District, Laurie and I were in fierce agreement on many things. That standardized testing in the form of the Smarter Balanced Assessment is wrong. That every single parent has a fundamental right to opt their child out of that test. That corporations are slowly taking over public schools and school districts are powerless to stop it.

He describes her passion for the arts and her passion for authentic teaching, not test-driven teaching.

And he writes:

I will miss you…

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