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Network for Public Education Vows to Carry Fight Against DeVos to Senate Floor!

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The Network for Public Educations vows to carry the fight for a qualified Secretary of Education to the Senate floor.

We now have more than 300,000 members, located in every state.

We will fight for a Secretary of Education who will uphold the laws, support the right to an education for all children, and strengthen our public schools.

NPE just released this statement:

Although disappointed by the decision of the HELP committee to send the vote on Betsy DeVos to the Senate floor, The Network for Public Education (NPE) was pleased by the strong opposition to DeVos. All Democrats voted against DeVos. Senators Collins of Maine and Murkowski of Alaska while voting to move her nomination forward, would not commit to voting for her when the vote comes to the full Senate.

“Betsy DeVos put a spotlight on the threat to public education that charters-both online and brick and…

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Senator Tim Kaine Explains Why He Will Vote NO on DeVos

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Just in case you thought that no one on the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee understood that Betsy DeVos is a threat to the future of public education, read Senator Tim Kaine’s letter.


January 26, 2017


Thank you for contacting me about the nomination of Betsy DeVos to be Secretary of Education.  I appreciate hearing from you.

Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution requires the advice and consent of the Senate on certain appointments made by the President, including cabinet secretaries.  The committee of jurisdiction for each nomination conducts hearings with respect to each candidate before they are considered by the full Senate.  Members of the Senate have a responsibility to ensure that nominees possess the qualifications, integrity, and independence that is necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the job on behalf of the American people.  I take my responsibility to scrutinize every…

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Mercedes Schneider on Betsy DeVos, the Voucher Queen

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Think of Betsy DeVos as the Darth Vader of public schools. Has she ever visited a public school? Why does she think they are all failing?

Mercedes Schneider noticed how many fliers she was receiving in the mail, urging her to take advantage of Louisiana’s voucher program. The fliers came from the Alliance for School Choice. Who do you think leads that anti-public school group? Betsy DeVos.

Schneider noticed that most of the vouchers were targeted for students in New Orleans, where reformers have almost extinguished public schools. They are trying to poach students from charter schools to apply for vouchers!

Of the hundreds of thousands of students eligible for vouchers in Louisiana, only 1% have applied. Not exactly a stampede.

Parents in Louisiana are choosing public schools.

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House Democrats Send Letter to Sen. Coons and Carper Urging Them to Oppose Betsy DeVos

The House Democrats sent a letter to Sen. Coons and Carper urging them to oppose Betsy DeVos as the next U.S. Secretary of Education.

Specifically, we are concerned about Ms. DeVos’ lack of knowledge of basic education policy, her advocacy for private school vouchers, her views on guns in schools and her positions on civil rights.

Teachers, students and parents deserve a Secretary of Education who will push for the improvements to strengthen our public education system, not weaken it.

Below is the letter that was sent to the Senators.

A Few Delaware Legislators Sign onto a Letter in Support of Betsy DeVos Appointment as Secretary of Education

Below is the letter that was sent to Senator Alexander, Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. I thought it was interesting to see a few Delaware State Senators signed onto the letter.

An Open Letter to Senator Lamar Alexander Regarding Betsy DeVos

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From 1991 to 1993, I worked for Secretary of Education Lamar Alexander in the administration of President George H.W. Bush. I was Assistant Secretary in charge of the Office of Education Research and Improvement and also Counselor to the Secretary of Education. Lamar Alexander is now Senator from Tennessee and Chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee (HELP), which is evaluating the qualifications of Betsy DeVos to be U.S. Secretary of Education.*

An Open Letter to Senator Lamar Alexander

Dear Lamar,

I hope you don’t mind my taking the liberty of writing you a public letter.

I was just reading your book of sayings, the “Little Plaid Book.” For those who don’t know, this is your book of “311 rules, lessons, and reminders about running for office and making a difference whether it’s for president of the United States or president of your senior class.”

The main…

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New York Times: Unimpressed by DeVos’s Clueless Performance

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The New York Times is called (and calls itself) “the newspaper of record.” Talk show hosts, editorial writers, and influentials read the Times. That’s why I get so frustrated by its consistently awful editorials about education, which as a rule favor the data-driven, test-and-punish approach to schooling. But its news writing about education just keeps getting better all the time.

Here is its take on DeVos’ appearance before the HELP committee: a Bronx cheer, a raspberry. The theme of the story: DeVos is in over her head. After a long run as an advocate for school choice, she has no idea about the lingo of federal education policy or about federal law. She is being asked to take charge of a department that administers aid to college students, but knows nothing about the department’s role or programs.

“Her confirmation hearing that night opened her up to new criticism: that her…

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Betsy DeVos: A Radical Destroying The Cornerstone of America

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Today, the U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee will consider the nomination of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education. DeVos and her family have devoted many millions of dollars to destroying public schools and turning the clock back by more than a century. She wants the government to pay tuition at religious schools, voucher schools, for-profit schools, any alternative to public schools is her goal.

American public education is one of the essential institutions of our democratic society. The guarantee to everyone in this country that they could attend a free public school was a hard-fought victory. First, it required persuading the public to tax themselves to pay for schools for the children of the community. Second, it required separating the schools from religious institutions, which had long been the source of education. Third, it meant expanding access to all: to boys and girls, to children of…

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Please Watch and Share: What DeVos Did to Detroit

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Excellent video on DeVos focusing on failure of charter schools in Detroit/Michigan, her support of for-profit charters; privatization agenda. Less than 10 minutes long; well produced; interviews with parents, film clips, etc.

Please circulate, especially to people who will call Senators on Health, Education, Labor Committee. DeVos hearing is this Tuesday.

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YouTube link:

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Delaware General Assembly has a new bill tracking system

The Delaware General Assembly has a new bill tracking system, you will be able to view new legislation that has been recently filed. You will also be able to track all legislation and easily view which legislator has sponsored or co-sponsored legislation.

Click here to visit the site. Go to the tabs at the top of the page and click on Bills and Resolutions.