Politico: Trump Considering Common Core Leader for #2 Job at Department of Education

Is President Elect Trump for or against Common Core?

Diane Ravitch's blog

Politico reports that Hanna Skandera, Commissioner of Education in New Mexico, is being considered for the second most important job in the Education Department.

Mercedes Schneider explains that Skandera is a major advocate for the Common Core. She is currently in charge of PARCC, the testing consortium. Schneider reviews her history working for Jeb Bush, Margaret Spellings, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jeb Bush, a strong supporter of Common Core, is Skandera’s mentor.

Schneider asks:

If Trump is supposedly against Common Core, one wonders why he would choose a woman who is currently the chair for one of the two federal-fund-established Common Core testing consortia, PARCC.

During the campaign, Trump ridiculed Common Core. Was he serious?

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