Politico: Eva Moskowitz in the Running for Education Secretary

Our educational system is once again up in the air, very concerned.

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Politico reports on speculation that Eva Moskowitz is high up on the Trump list as a potential Secretary of Education.

Hedge fund manager John Paulson gave Moskowitz $8.5 million for her charter chain. He was also a major supporter of Trump.

Would she want to leave her charter empire, where she is paid handsomely? As Secretary of Education, she could spread the gospel of privatization far and wide.

While Moskowitz has found herself on the defensive at home, Success is still seen as a national charter model by many influential reform leaders. That’s based in large part on loyal, vocal support for her from the families of her student body, which is overwhelmingly poor, black and Latino — groups among whom opposition to Trump in the election was particularly strong.

(Success staff seemed to be mourning the results last week; the network’s social media staff posted a Langston Hughes poem…

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1 thought on “Politico: Eva Moskowitz in the Running for Education Secretary

  1. Kevin Ohlandt

    I can only think of one or two more horrible choices for this role. This would be an unholy hat trick… Duncan, King, and then Moskowitz. I’ve also heard Bill Evers (Hoover Foundation) as a strong contender. It is my belief that whoever gets the part will just be a lead actor in the continuing bad play called corporate education reform.



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