Daily Archives: October 29, 2016

US Secretary Establishes New Teacher Prep Program Regulations


The US Secretary of Education established new regulations to implement requirements for the teacher preparation program accountability system (see below to read entire report) that will result in the collection and dissemination of more meaningful data on teacher preparation program quality.  I have also included a link to Delaware’s Plan that was approved by US DOE. Delaware’s plan includes stakeholders and I see a few familiar names mentioned in the report, one being Mike Matthews.

The feds point out that the final regulations address shortcomings in the current system by defining the indicators of quality that a State must use to assess the performance of its teacher preparation programs, including more meaningful indicators of program inputs and program outcomes, such as the ability of the program’s graduates to produce gains in student learning [5] (understanding that not all students will learn at the same rate).

What our teachers need resources, resources, and more resources! Delaware needs to fund kindergarten through 3rd grade basic special education. Delaware needs full-time art, music, technology, PE, library, and talented and gifted teachers in all of their schools. Delaware and the entire nation need to move away from their obsession on testing. Let teachers take control of their classrooms and do what they do best – TEACH! Do we go into doctor’s office and rate them?  A report card showing the public how many people have died under their care – label why each patient died, their age, race, gender, income and then rate each doctor and label their practice as a failing or needs improvement – NO, so why do we feel the need to do this to our schools and our educators?

I recently visited Mote Elementary School, in my district, and I spent my time there in Pre-K and 1st grade rooms, no state assessment required in these grade levels. I witnessed two teachers who were thoughtful, engaged, kids had smiles on their faces and who were having fun learning – one teacher was in her 1st year and one teacher had been teaching 16+ years. Disclosure – Principal Bolden at Mote let me walk through the school on my own and I had access to the entire school. We need to move away from worrying about a test and give teachers more time to teach and mentor new teachers – I believe we would see better results.

Two more thoughts, first – why do we need to test public school students every year – test them once in Elementary, Middle and High School.

The second thought, Delaware does not have a state assessment that measures growth, that needs to change as well!