How Will the Proposed Title 1 Regulation Supplement not Supplant Affect Charter Schools?

If the feds approve the proposed regulatory changes to Title 1 Supplement not Supplant this could force districts to move staff from one building to another, how would this this impact charter schools? Will charters be forced to move higher paid teachers from Non-Title 1 schools to Title 1 schools. Delaware charter schools are incorporated and are independently run, so I would assume this would not affect them or would it? Also, correct me if I am wrong, I believe every charter school in Delaware is considered a Title 1 school except for Charter School of Wilmington, so salary caps on buildings would not affect them, right? If anyone has any information about this, I would love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “How Will the Proposed Title 1 Regulation Supplement not Supplant Affect Charter Schools?

  1. kavips

    Legally, the best guess is this… If they are private schools, it will not apply… If they are public schools, it will apply. Most of us have always treated independent (not Red Clay) Charters as private schools. Certain people seeking to increase the public funding to charters, have at times in Legislative Hall, insisted that charters are public schools. If they get their wish, they will have to follow Federal procedure.

    🙂 My guess? They will now run from that classification. .


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