National PTA has just lost its credibility!

The PTA has grown into a powerful lobbyist over the years. My children attended Forest Oak Elementary School where I was very involved with the PTA–I served on many committees and was elected president for a total of four years. Our PTA received many awards from Delaware PTA while I was president. I have to say that I am beyond disappointed in the letter that was sent to the DE PTA. I never thought I would see the day that a national association who’s primary mission is to advocate on behalf of children would send this message to parents!

Below is from the National PTA website where they speak of family engagement. The letter they sent seems to point towards family disengagement.

Today’s PTA is a network of millions of families, students, teachers, administrators, and business and community leaders devoted to the educational success of children and the promotion of family engagement in schools. 

Here is the letter that was sent to Delaware PTA.

Questions from DE PTA to National PTA and National PTA’s response.

2 thoughts on “National PTA has just lost its credibility!

  1. delawarepublicschoolshenanigans

    Well, as long as we’re “personally assured” by testing advocate, PTA President Bay, then everything’s OK. I hope DEPTA surrenders their charter/threatens to sue because they are not in violation of SOA 11.5…let’s see if they really want a fight. Ask Sean Lynn to look at the threat letter and the SOA, I would value his opinion on the issue.


  2. Disappointed Mom

    ThIs is horrible and national PTA should be ashamed. They did not have to take a position and should leave that up to the states. I will not pay dues to them anymore next year. DEPTA should not bow to this bully, let the organization dissolve. Better yet, form an opt out group for parents and fight them back!



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