Are All Teachers Legally Allowed to Write an IEP without being a Certified Spec Ed Teacher?

Below is a comment from a post that I published yesterday: Dual Certified Spec Ed Teachers, Good Thing or Not? I am really concerned about this. Teachers are certified in Special Education for a reason. I am very Interested in hearing from others.

We have teachers in our building that are not spec ed certified and have special education children in their room. These childrens’ IEPs are written: location-general education room. These non spec ed teachers are now responsibly for what is on these IEPS. For most of these teachers this is the first time they have had to deal with an IEP by themselves. (However there are case managers for these children.) Since this is happening all over red clay, it appears to a lot of teachers that you don’t need to be spec ed certified because you still can solely be responsible for children with IEPS based on how it is written.

Some schools are teaching all of their teachers how to write IEPs. So, you don’t need a spec Ed degree anymore in red clay.

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