Daily Archives: December 9, 2015

Family Foundations Audit Report Released, We Should be Very Concerned

Here is just a small portion from the 23 page report. In the report in states the following:

AOA found Family Foundations Academy’s fiscal operations lacked any semblance of fiscal compliance or propriety. To say there were problems with internal controls would grossly underestimate the magnitude of the problem. Despite the Academy’s complete inability to justify and support expenditures, AOA was unable to obtain information regarding more than $1.3 million of the expenditures incurred over the engagement period. More than $141 thousand worth of transactions provided to be personal purchases. The other $1.2 million remained unsubstantiated as legitimate business purchases, but lacked definitive characteristics of personal purchases.

This is unbelievable, the taxpayers money being wasted. These leaders think they have an open checkbook to use for their personal use. I hope my colleagues in the Senate will support House Bill 186 when it comes before them next year. I am the sponsor of this bill and it passed the House at the end of session. It went to the Senate on the very last day of session for a full vote, but Sen. Sokola assigned it to the Senate Education Committee.

House Bill 186 – Currently, all school districts, including vocational schools, are subject to the Auditor of Accounts. Edits to the November 2010 Charter School Manual removed instructions for charter schools to go through Auditor of Accounts when contracting for audits. There is presently no legislative authority to require charter schools to submit to the Auditor of Accounts processes. This bill adds charter schools to the list of entities for audits through the Auditor of Accounts. The bill takes effect so that the Auditor of Accounts shall conduct postaudits for the time periods starting on or after July 1, 2015.