Local Author/19th District Constituent Visiting Marbrook Elementary School

I am really excited about an upcoming visit to Marbrook Elementary School. A local, children’s author (Rick DeDonato, the author of Pipsie Nature Detective), a 19th District constituent, reached out to me after reading my monthly E Newsletter. I had a post about my visit to Brandywine Springs, where I was principal for the day. He offered sometime to come to a school and read his book to a group of students. He sent me the information about his book and he dropped off a book for me to read.  
After emailing Rick, I thought that this would be a great opportunity to bring a local, children’s author into one of our schools in the 19th District. I reached out to Dr. Daugherty, the Red Clay superintendent, asking him if it would be possible to have Rick come into one of our schools and read his book to the students. Dr. Daugherty agreed to it!
I ordered books for every student in a second grade class at Marbrook Elementary School. Rick is going to read the book to the students and then sign each of their books. Rick has two more books that will be released. This is such a great opportunity for the students! 

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