Daily Archives: November 8, 2015

Parents Be Aware of Ghost Apps that Your Child May Be Using

If you have not heard of the ghost app, maybe you should get acquainted with it because your child may be using one. Recently in the news, Colorado teenagers hid a massive nude sexting ring from parents and teachers, click here to read the article.  Some of the children were as young as 12. They used something called a ghost app. A ghost app can be disguised as a calculator; it operates as a calculator. In this app kids hide photos, video, other information that they do not want others to see. They can access this hidden information by entering a code which will open the hidden information.  

Disguised to look and function like an innocent smartphone app, photo vaults — also known as “ghost apps” — allow people to conceal photos, video and information in plain view on their phone. They’ve been around since at least 2011, but have grown increasingly common as smartphones have gained popularity. The App Store and Google Play are littered with apps designed to help users hide their activity and camouflage sensitive information.