Daily Archives: November 6, 2015

The Lack of Transportation for Choice Students Limits Many of Our Students From Actually Applying for School Choice, Agree?


The lack of transportation for students does stop families from applying to schools through our state’s school choice program. School choice was suppose to give ALL families more choices and opportunities to attend schools in our state outside of their feeder school. With the way the system is setup only certain families can take advantage of choice. If Delaware is going to write laws to give all families more choice opportunities, then Delaware should provide transportation so all families can take advantage of school choice.

Youth In Government – Senate Bill 10 Unified Arts Program

Thank you to Sam Sachs – State Director – Youth in Government at YMCA of Delaware for sending me Casey’s YIG bill, she wrote this in 2011. YIG is a wonderful program for middle and high school students who are interested in learning more about Delaware’s legislative process. Students takeover Legislative Hall for a weekend and elect a Governor, Speaker, write and debate bills; excellent program.

Casey had listened to me speak about how schools should not have to decide if they want smaller class sizes or unified arts in our elementary schools. She participated in YIG and she wrote a bill to address this issue. She won “Best Senate Bill” for this bill.