Listening to Your Constituents

I just wanted to thank the Red Clay School District and New Castle County for putting a black top path in from DelCastle Park to Brandywine Springs School for students, staff and the surrounding community.

A constituent in the 19th District had contacted me. She asked if I could look into having a path put in from Brandywine Springs School to DelCastle Park. There was a path already there, it was a dirt path with tree roots sticking out. She said the students and staff use the park as well as the Duncan Glen community.

I reached out to the Red Clay School District and Councilman Sheldon’s Office and we worked together to have the paths put in.

2 thoughts on “Listening to Your Constituents

  1. JSF

    I wish you could have worked to put in a pedestrian crossing at 41 and Hercules / Milcreek road. It’s a shame with all of that construction that no government leaders made safe pedestrian and bike crossing at that intersection a priority.



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