DE Parents, Have You Considered Having Your Child Take the ACT Test, I Have and This is Why

All Delaware public school students in 11th grade take the SAT, it is given during a school day and there is no cost to the families. Since the SAT is given in school, you might want to consider having your child take the ACT test as well.  Here is a link to the ACT Test schedule, you can schedule online, it is a very simple process.

The SAT and ACT tests are very different, so your child may perform better on one of the tests, to learn more about the differences article 1 and  article 2ACT tends to ask straightforward questions, has a Science section; most, if not all, US colleges accept the ACT scores and the students do not lose points for incorrect answers. Both of my children have taken both tests and both of my children have scored higher than the National and Delaware’s average composite scores. The ACT national average composite score is 21 and Delaware’s average composite score is 23.5.  The highest score you can receive on the ACT is 36 and the SAT is 1600. The states that have the highest ACT scores are the states on the east coast; their scores range from 22.9 and 24.4. (Go to the third column, click the arrow at the top of the column; this will place the states in order from good to best. Delaware and the other east coast states are all clustered at the bottom, ranking higher than the rest of the states.) Delaware’s ACT Test scores in English, Reading, Math and Science are way above the national benchmark scores.

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