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Delaware Educator Preparation Program Reports Are Now Available

The Delaware Department of Education today released its first annual reports on the state’s teacher and specialist educator preparation programs, providing information ranging from the diversity of programs’ candidate classes to student performance outcomes of graduates to job placement and retention within the state.

Click here to read the report.

Keep the Conversation Going!

I want to first say thank you to the teachers, parents, community members who voice their opinions and share their thoughts on educational issues, that is really the only way we are going to improve things here in Delaware. I know you can be discouraged and wonder if your voice is being heard. I can tell you, yes you are being heard. Keep speaking up, keep having conversations, demand change! There are people who are listening and who also want things to change. We have a new Secretary of Education who is going to be appointed next week. I know he will listen and be more visible. Elections are coming up, have conversations with your Representatives and your Senators; now is the time to get their attention and have your concerns heard.

I get texts, emails and Facebook messages all the time from people, not just in my district but outside my district, just sharing their thoughts, concerns or may just have a question. People just want to know that someone cares. Please do not lose hope, things will change, we just got to keep the movement going.

Don’t forget, if you would like something published, just reach out to me, it can be posted anonymously. There is a tab on the top of the main page, Contact Rep. Kim Williams, click on it and send me a message.

Take a deep breath, it is Friday, have a great weekend!

A Teacher’s Perspective


The following is a response from a teacher under a post titled: A Parent’s Question, What Did Smarter Balanced Scores Tell Us?  

As a teacher with 15 years of experience in both regular and special education, as well as being a certified Reading Specialist, I can confidently answer this question with the following:

The Smarter Balanced Assessment scores WILL NOT help your child to improve over the next school year. What will help your child to improve? With an 11th grader, if the student is having trouble with a particular subject, I think that it is best if that student reaches out to the teacher for help first. Teachers love when the student is responsible for his/her learning and is autonomous in this endeavor. However, if that doesn’t work, then the parent would have to open up a line of communication.

If the student isn’t having any trouble, and the question is being asked about general improvement during the next school year, the ONE thing that will help a child with their progression is teacher-made assessment and feedback. Just like a doctor, the teacher is constantly giving check-ups in the classroom with quizzes and tests. Pay close attention to the grades and feedback that come back on those.


Reminder: October 23rd is the Next Delaware Expenditure Review Committee Meeting

The Governor signed Executive Order #52 on September 25, 2015 ordering a review of the state’s expenditures. The next Delaware Expenditure Review Committee Meeting will be held on October 23rd from 1:00 until 3:00 at the Blue Ball Barn – Hay Room in Wilmington, DE.  
To read more about the Executive Order, click here.