WEIC Update

I attended the Red Clay School Board meeting last night and WEIC updated the board. I don’t have much to report back, they are still working on the plan. Here is the presentation that was presented last night. The commission is suppose to be releasing the draft report sometime next month and the State Board will vote on it in January.

  • One recommendation that is being made by the WEIC Commission is to delay implementation until fall 2018.
  • State needs to commit to addressing poverty in our schools whether or not this plan goes through.
  • School resources must be made available.
  • Not enough time is available to construct this plan properly.
  • Board members are very concerned about the financial burden this may place on Red Clay and the residents.
  • They are also concerned about the state approving a plan and then not properly funding the plan. Example: state promised a certain amount of funds for the three priority schools and then that amount changed when it was time to implement the plan.
  • A comment was made by one member of the WEIC group basically saying to the state don’t move forward with any plan unless you are going to get the plan right.

1 thought on “WEIC Update

  1. Steven Fackenthall

    I’m really concerned about this. Not only does it seem Dan Rich and company are presenting the same material month after month, but how do we expect to fix a decades old problem in a matter of weeks? The WEIC group is in existence for a few more years, but major decisions have to be made by November. I don’t see how a financial solution comes by that time.



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