First State Montessori Academy Changed Their Admission Preferences, Do They Need to Modify Their Charter First?

First State Montessori Academy preferences allows for employees of the school who work 20 hours or more have a preference to attend the school. In their original charter application on Page 28, it states that children of permanent employees must work 30 hours per week or more to receive a preference. Can they change this preference on their own without modifying their charter? I have asked DOE this question.  Below are FSMA admission preferences, this was taken from their website.

Admissions preferences are also a consideration at FSMA. In cases where the number of applicants exceeds the number of seats available, admission preferences will be applied prior to administering the lottery. These preferences include (in order of importance):

  1. Children of FSMA founders (up to 5% of the school’s population)
  2. Children of staff employed 20 hours or more a week by FSMA
  3. Siblings of children currently enrolled at FMSA this school year (2014-2015)
  4. Applicants who have demonstrated an interest in the Montessori teaching philosophy
  5. Children whose primary residence is within a 5-mile radius of FSMA on the date of the lottery.

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