Daily Archives: October 18, 2015

Delaware Met has been placed on formal review for the 2nd Time

During the April 2014 State Board Meeting, the State Board placed Delaware Met on formal review. I found a letter to Delaware Met from DOE placing them on formal review back in 2014. Attached to DE Met’s letter is a list of conditions, the only issue is this list of conditions is for Delaware Design Lab High School and not for Delaware Met. I have requested from DOE the list of conditions that were placed on Delaware Met back in 2014. Below are the State Board of Education meeting minutes, view page 3.

The Department is seeking the consent of the State Board to place Delaware MET on formal review to review concerns relative to economic viability and compliance with enrollment within their charter. A motion was made by Mrs. Rutt to consent to placing Delaware MET on formal review. The motion was seconded by Mr. Coverdale, after discussion on the action item by the Board with the representatives from the Department of Education presenting the item; the action was voted on and carried unanimously. Mrs. Rutt was excused at this time due to a prior commitment.

Below is the April 2014 letter from DOE placing Delaware Met on formal review. Look at the last two pages, you will see the conditions are for Delaware Design Lab High School and not Delaware Met.

Principal for a Day at Brandywine Springs

Friday, I was Principal for a Day at Brandywine Springs, last year I was at Warner Elementary School.

I arrived around 8:00 am and sat in on a Team Leader Meeting before school started. I walked around the lobby as the kids were arriving to school and I ran into one of my favorite constituents, Rachel, who gave me a big hug. Rachel has worked with me on a few election nights tallying the numbers as they are called in. I helped with morning announcements, I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to a Kindergarten Class, visited a 8th grade science class and helped with an experiment, visited a 3rd grade classroom the students were watching an Animal Planet video, stopped by an 8th grade technology class where students were selecting their classes for high school, popped by Mr. K’s art class where students were making ceramic pots, listened to the students in music class sing a song that they were working on, visited the library and listened to Mrs. Andrzejewski talk about internet safety and then had to stop by and visit Mr. Fran who teaches 4th grade, who actually taught me when I attended St. Matthews; it was a wonderful visit. I did get to see a few of the teachers who taught at Forest Oak when my kids were in school Mr. Ruocco, Mr. K and Mrs. O’Connor. Principal Armstrong did a great job keeping me busy, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Great things are happening at Brandywine Springs.