Daily Archives: October 17, 2015

Red Clay School Board Meeting – October 21st – 7:00 – Conrad

Red Clay School Board Meeting – October 21 7:00  at Conrad Schools of Science.

  • There will be a presentation on WEIC.
  • Finalizing Mascot Committee, click here for more information.
  • Delaware College Prep and DMA charter renewals are up and they are both requesting charter modifications.
    • DMA is requesting an increase in enrollment to 715 cadets by the year 2021. This would begin in 2017-2018 and would amount to 36 cadets
    • DCP is requesting a decrease in their enrollment 300 to 255
      • Increase the number of K-2 classrooms
      • Adjust the attrition rate from 7% to 15%
      • Enroll scholars in Grades 3-5
      • Clarify DCPA’s two-teacher model (one teacher, one para)
      • Align DCPA’s school year with local districts
      • Allow for a model of co-leadership at DCPA
    • Policy Opt-Out 7015 – Click here to view policy.

Click here to view complete agenda.