Things Need to Change in DOE, When is This Going to Happen is the Question that I Hear Most?


When are things going to change? That is the question that I hear over and over from folks. It seems that most people are angry, frustrated, tired and disappointed with the current direction of US DOE and Delaware’s DOE. I hear teachers, administrators, parents, students, community members, elected officials screaming “when will things in education change here in Delaware” and no one seems to be able to answer that question. It appears that there are a few people running everything and listening to no one.

We will be electing a new Governor next year, I hope he or she is working on an educational plan that Delawareans will approve of, so we can get back on track educating our students instead of all the other items that the feds and state officials are demanding of our teachers and districts.

Before supporting a candidate for Governor and Lt. Governor ask them for their educational plan first, then make a decision.

3 thoughts on “Things Need to Change in DOE, When is This Going to Happen is the Question that I Hear Most?

  1. Brian Stephan

    Something that was brought up at the Progressive Dems for Delaware meeting last week (and frequently over the last few years) was making SecEd an electable position rather than a gubernatorial appointment. Same thing with the State Board, well, probably more so with the State Board. Boards of Ed around the state are all elected…except for the State Board. I think if Education is to change in DE, then it has to begin with Statewide Education Leadership.

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