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Former Chief Medical Examiner Gets No Prison Time, Unbelievable!

When I read that Delaware’s former chief medical examiner was sentenced to about a year probation, I was extremely disappointed. How can someone abuse the system like this guy did and only get probation? This is why folks continue to abuse the system because they know if they get caught nothing is going to happen to them. The state was paying him $198,500 a year, you would think making that kind of money one would appreciate the job a little bit more.

The state medical board will decide if he keeps his license, really, it should be revoked immediately.

He ran a private consulting business that did work in Rhode Island and other states using state employees and supplies.

Over a four-year period ending in December 2013, Callery used several state employees, including an administrative aide, histologist, medical transcriptionist and at least one morgue assistant, as well as his state car, histology slides, histological equipment and paper, prosecutors said.

AG Denn did post the following on on Facebook:

Matt Denn

I don’t normally comment on criminal sentencing decisions in this space, but it is important to me that people know that my office asked the court to impose prison time on the state’s former medical examiner for the activity to which he pled guilty. The reporter who wrote this story accurately noted that fact, but it wasn’t universally reported.

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