Sometimes people assume if a student has poor grades its because of their parents and/or home life

“If students have behavior problems and low grades, it starts at home with the parents.”

A comment was left on one of my posts. When I read the comment, I wondered if most people really do feel that way about children. I am not judging the person who left the comment. I guess it surprised me that people would really feel that way. Do people just assume if a child does not do well in school and produces poor grades, it must be the parents fault or the home life?

I guess sometimes that comment can be true, but it is not always the case. Poor grades are not necessarily because of parents and/or their home life.  A student may have a disability that has not been identified. There may be a language barrier.  A student may have poor grades because they cannot see the whiteboard or their textbook because of a vision issue that has not been identified or corrected. A family member could have an illness or even a death of a family member can cause students grades to be poor. There are multiple factors that can lead to poor grades. Keep in open mind and try not to judge.

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