Consultants vs Paying Folks a Good Salary

In an earlier post, I published that the state has spent over a half a billion dollars on consultants over the last five years with regards to consultants. You can view Delaware’s Checkbook.

I am sure there are worthwhile consultants and ones that are a waste of money. The question that came to mind.

We always hear folks say we need to pay people a good salary so we can attract or retain the best people. If we are paying top dollar to retain the best people, why do we need to spend over a half a billion dollars on consultants as well?


2 thoughts on “Consultants vs Paying Folks a Good Salary

  1. Art

    Since when is the state paying top dollar to attract and retain the best employees?? Since Markell took office he has made it his mission to screw state employees at every turn. Why anyone starting out in their career would WANT to work for the state is beyond me. Morale is the lowest I have seen in 20 years. So many positions have been cut that some people are doing the work of two or three employees. Add to that no real raises in the past 8 years and higher health insurance costs and most employees are making less now than they did before Markell took office. It’s no wonder that agencies have to hire contractors to fill the gaps. Those people make way more than state employees, plus the company takes some off the top. Never really understood how that is saving the state money.



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