Amplify Education Laid Off an Estimated Two-Thirds of Staff and Delaware Gave Amplify Millions

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Multiple sources inside and outside the company said that most of its staff lost their jobs today, effective immediately, at around 10:30 a.m.

He said, “This is like the cold, inhumane hand of capitalism at work, and it seems wrong that they could stay in the shadows.”

Amplify is the education subsidiary of News Corp launched in July 2012. Amplify Insight was formed out of Wireless Generation, the educational company bought by News Corp in 2010, and focuses on assessment and analytics for data-driven instruction. Amplify Learning develops a digital curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards. Amplify Access focuses on a tablet-based learning platform for students and teachers.

Delaware’s Checkbook shows payments to Wireless Generation which is now Amplify.

FY 2014 $809,613

FY 2013 $4,148,952

FY 2012 $3,989,400

FY 2011 $972,477

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