New charter school considering closing from Delaware Online

Delaware Online just posted this story on Delaware Met Charter School. Click on the below link to read story.

New charter school considering closing

Harrington said the board will consider two issues in deciding whether to stay open.

First, its members will determine whether the school is financially viable given a loss of students. The school originally had about 260 enrolled, but is down to 227.

Lower-than-expected enrollment is a financial problem for charters because they get funding from the state per student. State rules require schools to be within 80 percent of their enrollment targets; Delaware Met currently meets that requirement.

Second, the board will decide whether the school can get a handle on problems with school climate. Harrington said there have been fights and incidents in which students have been disrespectful towards school staff.

“We’re talking about kids acting out,” Harrington said. “Our board’s and leadership’s priority is making sure we can provide a safe environment for our students.”

School leaders at Positive Outcomes, another charter that uses the same school model as Delaware Met, will be coming to the school to help it get on the right track, according to Delaware Charter Schools Network executive director Kendall Massett.

One of the reasons the school is struggling, Harrington said, is turmoil in its leadership

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