SJR #2 – Directing the DOE to Study Student Assessment Testing – Update

Appointments from the House and Senate were completed in August and September.

View the entire bill, click here – SJR #2.

The amount of testing required of our students and educators has grown significantly in recent years. While the General Assembly recognizes the need to administer assessments that provide valid and reliable data about how Delaware’s students are growing academically, it is also committed to maximizing time in the classroom for our educators to teach, and our students to learn.

The Department of Education is already coordinating an inventory of all assessments required at the state, district, and school level. This Joint Resolution requires the Department of Education to report the inventory results, and any assessments that districts or the state propose to eliminate, to the public and to the House and Senate Education Committees of the General Assembly. It also requires the Department to convene a group, consisting of members of the General Assembly and the public, to conduct an in-depth review of the inventory results and make recommendations for consolidation or elimination of assessments.

Membership Information 

Membership: Appointing Authority:
Three House Members of the House Education Committee (two members of the majority party and one member of the minority party) Speaker of the House
Three Senate Members of the Senate Education Committee (two members of the majority party and one member of the minority party) President Pro Tempore
President of the Delaware State Education Assoc. or designee
President of the Chief School Officer’s Assoc. or designee
A rep. of the civil rights’ community Governor
A parent Governor

Appointee Information 

Appointee: Appointed by: Appointment Date:
Rep. Earl Jaques Speaker of House 08/21/2015
Rep. Sean Matthews Speaker of House 08/21/2015
Rep. Timothy Dukes Speaker of House 08/21/2015
Sen. David Sokola President Pro Tempore 09/15/2015
Sen. Nicole Poore President Pro Tempore 09/15/2015
Sen. Ernesto Lopez President Pro Tempore 09/15/2015


7 thoughts on “SJR #2 – Directing the DOE to Study Student Assessment Testing – Update

  1. Frederika Jenner

    My #1 concern has been and continues to be that review will turn up recommendation that regular quizzes and tests designed by teachers and/or part of their curriculum programs–like reading series or math program–be curtailed or even eliminated in favor of district, state, or federally selected/created/mandated testing. This would be unacceptable. In a school yesterday in Sussex County, teachers told me they had each been asked to compile a list of all regular, ordinary assessments that were teacher-made or went along with their instructional programs. Makes me mighty suspicious.

    Trust me. The time-squandering, soul-sucking testing is not coming from my spelling program or my weekly math check-up quizzes. Besides, I am assessing nearly every minute of class time. From bell-ringers, to class discussion and debate, to experiment design to team interactions to student questions to written responses to wrap-ups and tickets out the door–I am assessing their understanding and my instruction.

    Please do this inventory and review of testing right. Don’t micromanage classroom instruction and educator decision-making. It’s the mandated testing, practice, and test prep that should be investigated. It’s the laser focus on student test results that is making kids overly-anxious and driving too many teachers to wonder if they should find another career.


    1. John Young

      Exactly, and why this is such an obvious misdirect from the salient, well intentioned, simple support of parents contained in HB50, which passed OVERWHELMINGLY….


  2. Frederika Jenner

    Kim: Can you please let folks know when these task force meetings are scheduled so that we can be there and be prepRed to make public comment? Thank you.


  3. Ellen

    Where is the teacher representation on this committee? This committee needs a true understanding of how a classroom runs and to understand the importance of visual as well as written assessments done frequently on information students are taking in each day.



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