Funding Student Success – Meeting #2 – Update

20150922_150239 (1)

I attended the Funding Student Success meeting on September 22 at Baltz Elementary School from 2:00 to 4:00. There were about 4 community members present. I have concerns about the timeline placed on this committee. They have three meetings left and I am not sure how they are going to come up with recommendations. The next funding meeting is October 6 at Baltz Elementary School.

  • Overview of State Funding Impacts since Fiscal Year 2008
  • State’s education budget has grown over the years due to more kids attending public schools
  • House Bill 30 and 117 were endorsed in WEIC Final Report
    • House Bill 117 – new funding source for low income students. The committee is not recommending this bill as written. They would like to see a low income bill structured like needs based funding.
    • House Bill 30 – committee recommended this bill as written.
  • Committee asked the University of Delaware to look at other states who use weighted formula to fund low income and ELL students.
  • Committee discussed multi enrollment counts

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