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Reading Assist Institute New Initiate

Today, I attended a press conference where Reading Assist Institute launched RAI Reading Corps, pilot program designed to aid children who struggle to read. RAI Reading Corps interventionist will work one-on-one, five days a week, with 1st through 3rd grade students who attend school in the Colonial School District.

(Below was taken from press release.)

Reading Assist will work with educators inside the Colonial School District to implement and refine the program over the next three years. Teachers, reading specialists, literacy coaches and speech language therapist from Colonial have taken trainingĀ inĀ RAI’s reading intervention program, which will create opportunities for significant cooperation and understanding between AmeriCorps tutors and educators within the district.

The RAI Reading Corps is unique in the amount of training that members will receive before going into schools, and in the type of students that these reading interventionist will serve. Every RAI Reading Corps member will spend approximately 50 hours training in the RAI reading intervention program. Coaching and ongoing professional development in literacy will provide additional support to the Reading Corps members. The program is designed to help students who face even the most severe reading challenges .

The 15 AmeriCorps members who make up the RAI Reading Corps bring with them a great diversity of backgrounds and experiences, from recent college graduates to educators with 17 years of experience.

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