Back in the Saddle Again

It is important for legislators to communicate with their constituents. I communicate with a monthly E Newsletter, email, I am very active on Facebook with a Representative Facebook Page, Twitter, a website, and robo calls when necessary. I do give my constituents my home phone number so they can reach me when necessary. I was thinking about my blogging days when I co-authored Fix Red Clay with Anne Lowry, we provided a ton of information about Red Clay; community members, parents, and teachers all read and posted on it. It gave us a lot of insight and really educated us on the issues that were going on in Red Clay but also all the great things as well. Blogs can be a wonderful tool to learn about what is going on and provide information that folks cannot always access. I will do my best to comment. All I ask, please do not come here and call folks out and submit inappropriate comments, I will not post any of them. You can have an opinion but I am asking for everyone to be respectful. I will continue over the next few weeks to add additional items to the blog. Excited to be back.

5 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again

  1. Herbert Evans

    Welcome back I was a fan of Fix Red Clay, so I am looking forward to your new blog and all the great discussions that I’m sure will take place.



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